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Tips how to Feel Full and Eat Less when Feeling Fat. Lose Weight Now!

Feeling this way...

– Marquette, MI. 

By:  Mark Evans

Feel fat?  Many people in the Upper Peninsula do.   

Here are five simple tips on how you can feel like you’re eating enough, stay healthy; but still get started on the weight loss most people are striving for.

– Drink water when you feel hungry.  More often then not, hunger pains are confused with thirst.  Grab 8 oz. of water instead of the cookie.  Water fills you up, is vital to your body and helps you feel fuller, longer.

– Be a Fruit.  Fruit is fiber rich which helps kill the hunger pain FAST.  Fruit is low in calories…and it’s delicious and naturally sweet!!  Grab an apple, your body will thank you in the long run.

– Go nuts!  just a handful of Almonds or Walnuts will keep you feeling full longer as they digest slower than other foods.  Plus nuts add to your bodies daily need of healthy fat.

– Get you butt in gear.  The human body is the only machine designed to perform better when it’s worked harder.  People who are more fit, physically need less food to power that machine leading to less feelings of hunger.

– Breakfast!  You must fuel the machine.  No one starts off a trip across the Upper Peninsula in their car with an empty tank.  A good, well rounded breakfast will hold you longer than just a cup of coffee in the morning.  People who eat breakfast every day have been proven to eat less during the day because they started the day off fueled-up and ready for the journey.


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