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Todd Goldbeck 8th Day Interview – Up All-Star Football Game at the Superior Dome June 29th

Todd Goldbeck Interview - UP Football All-Star Game
Todd Goldbeck Interview – UP Football All-Star Game

Marquette, Michigan – Following up on our March interview with Todd Goldbeck regarding this year’s All-Star Football game, we’ve got the following promised interview and all the information available.  It’s game day and all the efforts by all the community athletes throughout the U.P. have led to this moment.  It’s time to play.


Brimely, Negaunee, North Dickinson & Others Get All-Star Donation
MARQUETTE, MI – The U.P. Football All-Star Game continued its giving ways by announcing that two U.P. high school football teams will receive donations from the game this year. The Brimley, Negaunee and North Dickinson football programs will each receive one thousand dollars, which can be used for anything that benefits the football program.

“When this game was started, it was always a goal that we would eventually be able to donate directly to all of the high school football programs throughout the U.P.”, said Todd Goldbeck.

The schools are picked at random each year. Once a school has been selected, that school will be removed from the lottery until all other schools have been chosen once, then the selection process starts over again.

“The lottery is a very fun way to select the schools”, said Goldbeck. “Every program is eligible, and it does not matter how successful the team is; everyone has a chance and gets a turn. It is very important that all U.P. programs are supported, so that each school can maintain a competitive team. I was very pleased to hear that all three schools that were chosen have specific plans for the donations and they will help their football programs in a positive way. That is what the U.P. Football All-Star Game is all about.”

Every U.P. football program will get an equal donation from the all-star game, in the amount of one thousand dollars. Once all schools have received the donation, the process will start over again.

“This game would not be possible without the schools providing a positive environment for all of these student-athletes to succeed. Giving back to their football programs will hopefully help each school continue their individual football tradition”, states Goldbeck.

The football team of each school may choose to use the money in a number of ways. Equipment, weight room and uniforms are just a few places that the school may decide will be the most effective use of the funds.

In addition to the three schools selected, the Black and Red All-Star head coaches will receive half of the footballs used during the week leading up to the game. There are 24 new footballs each year, so both All-Star head coaches (Scott Syrjala-Westwood and Cody Kangas-Manistique) get to take home 12 footballs, which have only been used for one week.

Also, all of the practice jerseys are donated to U.P. football programs. There is a full set of navy blue jerseys that will go to Sault Ste Marie High School, and the royal blue jerseys are being given to Brimley High School. The practice jerseys have the school name printed on them and are their school colors, so they can be used by the schools right away without any further additions to the jerseys.

Other notable donations included over 1500 pounds of food for the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry, as well as cash donations to the U.P. Sports Hall of Fame to sponsor an annual scholarship and Bay Cliff Health Camp, which are two organizations that operate on contributions from the community. The 50/50 raffle at the game was $1240 total, so the individual got 50% ($620), while the All-Star Game 50% ($620) was donated to the West Iron County Schools for their assistance in selling tickets.

“When the game is over, I always want to be in a position to say, ‘The All-Star Game did very well again this year. That means we gave back to many different groups/schools and the players had fun throughout the week, while also reinforcing some important life lessons they can take moving forward in their lives.’ That is what All-Star Week is all about. I think we accomplished that again this year.”

Next year’s game is set for Saturday, June 27, 2020.

12 Year Reflections Made

After 12 years of the U.P. Football All-Star Game’s existence, the following notables have occurred:

-The U.P. Football All-Star Game has been in existence since this current group of players entered 1st grade
-Every football program in the U.P. has been represented by a player at least once
-1041 players have participated in the game
-89 coaches have participated in the game
-Ishpeming, Menominee & Negaunee have had the most players participate in the game (51)
-23 schools have received a $1000 cash donation to their football programs
-20 schools have received a full set of practice jerseys
-384 footballs have been donated to various schools throughout the U.P.
-Other U.P. organizations that have received donations from the game
-Bay Cliff Health Camp, Beacon House, Daniel Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund, YMCA Strong Kids Program, Marquette Dance Team, Negaunee, Ishpeming & West Iron County Booster Clubs for helping with the 50/50 Raffle
-11,500 pounds of food collected and donated to the Beacon House & St, Vincent de Paul Food Pantries
-A $500 scholarship has been sponsored each year for the U.P. Sports Hall of Fame ($6000 in 12 years)

Totals: Over $90,000 in cash and equipment donated to various U.P. schools in 12 years of the U.P. Football All-Star Game.

Post-Game Conclusions

MARQUETTE, MI – What a week! What a game!

The players and coaches put the finishing touches on a full week of activities by taking the field at the Superior Dome in front of 2000 fans. The atmosphere was electric and the fans were excited to see their local U.P. players compete in one more high school football game. Players finally had a chance to compare their talents to other U.P. all-stars on the field that they previously had only heard about.

For the players not pursuing football in college, the game provided a last chance to put on the pads and have some fun. For the players reporting to college football camp in the fall, they got a taste of playing in a large stadium, as well as a week of practice with the pads on getting used to harder hits and more physical contact.

As for the game itself, fans could not ask for a better more exciting game. The addition of motion to the offense this year provided a much-needed boost in the scoring compared to the last few years. The game featured the first kick return for a touchdown, as well as several fumbles and turnovers. It definitely had a little bit of everything. Late in the fourth quarter, the game was tied 28-28, until the Red Team made a series of big plays and put two final scores on the board, making the final score 42-28.

The individual awards were as follows: Black Team Offensive MVP: Luke Terrian-Kingsford, Black Team Defensive MVP: Andrew Blanchard-Engadine, Black Team Character Award: Alex Cannoot-Marquette, Red Team Offensive MVP: Nathan Beckman, Red Team Defensive MVP: Travis Ojala-Calumet, Red Team Character Award: Brent Loukus-Calumet. Individual awards were decided on by the coaching staffs of each team after the game. The traveling trophy was presented to the Red Team and head coach Cody Kangas of Manistique. A miniature version of the trophy was also presented to Al Stenberg of Bark River-Harris, who was the head coach for the victorious Black Team in 2018. The traveling trophy may be passed between schools representing the Red Team, then brought back to Marquette for next year’s game, where Coach Kangas will receive his own miniature version of the trophy for this year’s victory.

Totals are being finalized and the proceeds will be donated to several U.P. charities and schools.

Jun 29th – Jeff Olson Headlines All-Star Banquet

MARQUETTE, MI – Friday marked the last day of preparation for the players and coaches before the game. The coaches had the players practice all of their special teams alignments, as well as several live drives and situations. The players were on high alert, and it was evident that both teams were fine-tuning the plays they felt would give them the best chance for success in the game. The players are definitely anxious to tackle someone in a different colored jersey.

Both teams practiced twice on Friday, and they were in helmets and shoulder pads for both teams. They ran some plays, practiced extra points and made sure everyone knew their assignments in various formations. With player introductions at 1PM, Saturday morning will go by quick. Players will eat breakfast in the cafeteria, gather all their equipment and personal belongings, then check out of the dorms. Snacks and Gatorade, provided by Econo Foods, will be available for the players before they head to the Dome for pregame.

Friday evening was the All-Star Banquet, where four hundred people were in attendance to meet and greet the players. Parents, family and friends saw their players for the first time all week and had a chance to find out what the players have been experiencing during the week. The night started out with a video montage of pictures and music from the trip to Bay Cliff Health Camp. It was very moving to see all of the players and campers interacting, and it really set the tone for the entire evening. The players and coaches then took turns introducing each other, and the night culminated in a motivational message from guest speaker, Jeff Olson, Ishpeming High School Head Coach.

The surprise of the evening was the appearance of legendary Forest Park coach, Bill Santilli. Organizer, Todd Goldbeck, recognized Santilli as one of the first two All-Star head coaches (Olson being the other), and indicated that Coach Santilli would be introducing Jeff Olson. Santilli gave some of Olson’s achievements during his coaching career, which were many, then he gave some fun facts about Olson that he collected from Olson’s wife, Sally.

Olson spoke to the players and fans about the relationships he developed throughout his career, and how all of the friendships and rivalries helped to motivated him to work harder to achieve more. Olson also talked about pursuing your passion in life, and that commitment and discipline would be the two character traits which would allow an individual to be successful in any area of life they choose to pursue.

Overall, it was an excellent message, and everyone was hanging on Coach Olson’s every word. There is a lot of diversity in the players, so whether a player continues their football career in college, or not, they could all take the message to heart. Some players will attend college, and some will go straight to a career or the military, but everyone could relate to the message.

The Traveling Trophy was also on display for all to see. Parents and fans saw it up-close for the first time and many took pictures of their players with it individually. The trophy will be presented to the winning team, where it can be passed to other teams representing the winning squad throughout the year, before returning to Marquette for next year’s game. Players also received their all-star rings and the winners of the Skills Challenges were recognized during the program.

The U.P. Football All-Star Game will begin at 1 PM. Doors to the Dome will be open at Noon. Cost is $7 at the door.

Jun 27th – Day 4: All-Stars Take a Trip to Bay Cliff

MARQUETTE, MI – Thursday afternoon the All-Star players and coaches travelled to Bay Cliff Health Camp, located in Big Bay with some help from Checker Bus. Bay Cliff is a non-profit therapy and wellness center for children ages 3-17, who have a variety of physical disabilities. The primary summer camp is seven weeks, and focuses on children with orthopedic, speech, vision and hearing disabilities.

Once the players arrived, they took their turn as coaches when they split up into different stations and showed the Bay Cliff campers football drills and skills. The campers were very excited to be interacting in such a fun and personal way with the players. Seeing the uninhibited campers beaming with smiles as they played football with the All-Star players is something that words simply cannot describe.

They received handoffs from the quarterbacks and made their way through a tunnel of players to the “end zone”, where they knocked over big linemen with blocking pads, and spiked the ball. Other groups showed the campers how to throw and catch or kick a field goal. No matter what the campers’ physical ability, the players worked with them so they were able to have as much fun as they could playing football.

In addition to the football drills, Bay Cliff campers were given All-Star Game programs, which have the players’ pictures and profiles inside. Campers were able to go around to as many All-Star players as they could and get autographs as well. It was quite a thrill for everyone involved, both Bay Cliff campers and All-Star players

After the football portion was complete, the Bay Cliff campers invited the players to join them for dinner, which gave the players a glimpse into their routine of meal time. It seems that sometimes big strong high school football players should be eating out of troughs, so it was good for them to be exposed to proper manners by the campers. Some of the “Big House” rules included: waiting for the dinner bell to enter the hall, no hats indoors, saying please and thank you, passing food to the right, no elbows on the table and no talking with your mouth full. Anytime a player was observed breaking any of these rules, there was a camper close by informing them of the proper way they should be conducting themselves.

Blake Hewitt (Black Team) from Westwood High School, spoke to the campers after dinner and thanked Bay Cliff on behalf of the All-Star players and coaches. “We thank you for inviting us to visit. We have been looking forward to our visit here all week. It is very special for us to come here and be able to spend time with all of you. This is our favorite part of the week, by far.”

Coach Paul Jacobson, head coach at Negaunee, spoke to the group and also thanked the Bay Cliff staff and the campers for being such great hosts. He noted, “This trip to Bay Cliff by the All-Star players is the highlight of the week for all of us players and coaches.”

There is no doubt, the trip was once again a huge success. As much as the campers enjoyed the visit, the players took away just as much. A theme of All-Star week is always to give back to the communities of the U.P., and the players saw first-hand at Bay Cliff what that means. As one of the All-Star coaches stated, “Many things will come and go from our lives, but memories will last forever, and there were definitely many unbelievable memories made this year at Bay Cliff.”

Jilbert’s Dairy Welcomes Players Back
When the All-Star players returned back to campus, there was a special treat waiting for them, ice cream from Jilbert’s Dairy. Jilbert’s has been a long-time supporter of the All-Star Game, and is always generous when it comes to providing for the players. The players enjoyed getting off their feet and just relaxing while enjoying a late-night treat.

As for the game itself, there is only one more day of practice left before the two teams take to the field on Saturday. Both teams have come quite a long way since the beginning of the week and are looking like teams who have played together for an entire season. The players have embraced each other as teammates and friends, and it shows in their chemistry on and off the field. Saturday should be a very exciting match-up. There are two practices scheduled during the day Friday.

Friday evening is the All-Star Banquet, which will provide the players a chance to see their families and tell them all about how the week has gone. It is being held at the NMU University Center-Grand Ballroom, with the social beginning at 6PM, and the program to follow at 7PM.

Saturday is the game. Doors open at noon, with player introductions to begin at 1PM and kickoff to follow afterward.


Jun 26th – Day 3: Players Skills Challenge, Three Make the All-Time List

MARQUETTE, MI – The highlight of day three for the U.P. All-Star football players Wednesday was the Skills Challenge. Events included the Fastest Man (40 yard dash), the Strongest Man (Bench Press-225 lbs), Quarterback Challenge, Receiver Challenge, Punting and Field Goal Kicking. Three players made the All-Time Record list for their efforts. Tate Kay, Sault Ste Marie, punted the ball 67 yards, which placed him in a tie for 1st place all-time in that category. Caden Pellizzer, West Iron County, threw the ball 57 yards, which was good enough to move into 3rd place all-time, and Logan Kruhlik, Ishpeming, also moved into 3rd place all-time with 22 repetitions in the bench press.

For some of the challenges, the players were split into two divisions, lineman and non-lineman. Having two divisions gives those challenges a unique atmosphere, as there are several competitions taking place within each event. The three events that are split are: Fastest Man, Strongest Man and Receiver Challenge.

Results for the Players Challenge are as follows:
Fastest Man (Lineman): Collin Broemer (Black Team), Gogebic, 40 yard dash = 4.81 seconds (elec timed)
Fastest Man (Non-Lineman): Brandon Christensen (Black Team), Newberry, 40 yard dash=4.54 seconds (elec timed)
Strongest Man (Lineman): Logan Kruhlik (Red Team), Ishpeming, Bench Press = 225 pounds, 22 reps (3rd All-Time)
Strongest Man (Non-Lineman): Tucker Taylor (Red Team), Gwinn, Bench Press = 225 lbs, 10 reps
Quarterback Challenge: Caden Pellizzer (Black Team), West Iron County, Distance Thrown = 57 yards (3rd All-Time)
Receiver Challenge (Non-Lineman): Nathan Olson (Red Team), Rapid River
Receiver Challenge (Lineman): Logan Kruhlik (Red Team), Ishpeming
Punting: Tate Kay (Black Team), Sault Ste Marie, 67 yards (1st All-Time)
Field Goal Kicking: Shawl Sandahl (Red Team), Menominee, 50 yards

The Skills Challenge gave the players a much-needed rest from the grind of two practices per day. Each event which was performed had a gallery of players watching. Everyone was gathered around the competitors, cheering them on while they competed. There were some friendly rivalries within each competition, but the atmosphere was casual and all the players enjoyed the events. In addition to some local television and radio media in attendance, there were also some parents and fans that came by to watch the skills challenges. They were able to get on the field and take some pictures up close of their favorite players while they competed. Both squads have the rest of the afternoon off to relax and let their bodies recover from the physical stress of practice.

The players will next travel to Bay Cliff Health Camp Thursday afternoon, and the All-Star Banquet is set for Friday at the University Center, 6 PM.


Jun 25th – Day 2 of All-Star Week: Practice & Media Day

MARQUETTE, MI – Day 2 of the U.P. Football All-Star week has concluded. The second day for both teams saw them settling in to their practice routines. Practice was held once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Both teams solidified their personnel and began to implement their game plans. Some players changed positions, based on the needs of the team, and how their talents might best be utilized. The offenses worked on different packages that would fit best with their individual talent. The defenses began developing plans for stopping the different offensive sets. Each practice saw the teams creating better chemistry and improved execution of their plays. Overall, at the end of day 2, these 80+ players from throughout the U.P. looked like two teams who are practicing for a game on Saturday, not a group of individuals thrown together just one day ago.

The biggest change to this year’s game is the addition of “motion” to the offense. Any eligible offensive player can go in motion, which means there is now a huge increase in the amount of plays which can be run, and every offensive player becomes a threat to score. It also creates issues for the defense on how they will cover all of the players who may score. The offensive coaches have been busy creating new plays to confuse the defense, and the defense is trying to keep up. At this point in the week, it certainly appears that there will be more scoring from both teams on Saturday, which makes for a much more exciting experience for the fans, and players.

Tuesday evening was Media Day at the Dome and there was much excitement in the air. Players were interviewed and team and individual pictures were taken. Media on hand included TV, radio and newspapers, all eager to get the players’ perspectives on the game. It was nice for the media to have access to all the players from throughout the U.P., not just their own local players. The players are getting much better at speaking to the media and answering questions regarding what their perspectives are on the week’s activities. Getting players out of their comfort zones and accepting new challenges is definitely an emphasis for the week, so it is good to see the players accepting these new roles on and off the field.

Wednesday afternoon will see the players performing the Skills Challenges. Players will compete in the Fastest Man, Strongest Man, Quarterback and Receiver Challenge, as well as Punting and Kicking. This friendly competition will lighten the mood for the players, who have been intently focused on their preparation for the game. The players can relax for a while and enjoy the atmosphere. The Skills Challenge is open to the public and begins at 2:15 PM in the Dome.

While the players are testing their physical skills, the coaches have the afternoon off. Spending some time away from the players will allow them to clear their minds as well, and get refocused on the remainder of the week. They too have been working hard to come up with the proper game plan that will utilize all the strengths of their players and give them the best advantage on Saturday, so some down time is exactly what they need.

Upcoming Events: Thursday afternoon will be the trip to Bay Cliff and Friday is the All-Star Banquet. Check out the U.P. Football All-Star Game Facebook page for pictures and more information. https://www.facebook.com/UPAllStarFootball. Website: www.xcel.net


Food Drive Highlights Day 1 of All-Star Week

MARQUETTE, MI – Day 1 of the All-Star week is in the books. What a day! All of the players checked in and each team completed two practices. Both teams got to practice once in the Dome, and for many, it was the first time being in the Dome and playing on the turf. The coaches talked early and often about making the most of their opportunities and taking advantage of the time here to make new friends.

However, even with football in the front of everyone’s mind again, the highlight of the day was the food drive which benefitted the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. Over 1500 pounds of food was collected and donated by the players, which was greatly appreciated by everyone at St. Vincent’s. It is a testament to how well supported these players are in their communities.

Organized locally, members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, witness God’s love by embracing all works of charity and justice. The Society collaborates with other people of good will in relieving need and addressing its causes, making no distinction in those served. Friends in need may receive assistance with food, shelter, utilities, rent, material needs, prescriptions, transportation and other forms of charity. The stores are successful due to the generosity of community members who donate. The U.P. Football All-Star Game is very pleased to be a part of the community helping others in need.

Upon arriving, the players did not have much chance to relax. After getting settled into their rooms and having a quick lunch, there was a brief team meeting with all players and coaches. Once the general expectations were given, the group split up and each team began their practices.

Team Black head coach Scott Syrjala, from Westwood, brought Brad Wiljanen, Chad Hewitt, Jake Wolf and Scott Mann from his staff to assist. Syrjala has coached five times previously in the All-Star Game. The other Black Team coaches are all from the Ishpeming staff. Jeff Olson, head coach at Ishpeming (who just announced his retirement from Ishpeming), also brought George Niemi and Kyle Rundman. Niemi was just named Olson’s successor as the new Ishpeming Head Coach, so this All-Star Game serves as a passing of the torch to the new staff at Ishpeming. Olson has coached in the All-Star Game seven times, and led Ishpeming to multiple state championships. Syrjala and Olson coached together for many years at Ishpeming, so the Black Team is a very cohesive group already, and are all very comfortable with each other.

Team Red head coach Cody Kangas, assistant coach at Manistique, has some unique perspectives regarding the All-Star Game. Cody played in the first All-Star Game in 2008, and has been gaining coaching experience at several schools since. He is the first player to come back and be a head coach in the All-Star Game. Cody brought with him his father, Todd Kangas, who is the head coach at Manistique, where Cody played in high school. Garde Kangas, Cody’s brother, is coaching at Pickford, who recently made the state championship game this past season. Their brother Tyler Kangas also joins them on the coaching staff, so all three Kangas boys and their dad are coaching together. Rounding out the staff for the Red Team is Paul Jacobson from Negaunee, who helped win a state championship for the Miners during his tenure. Jacobson has coached four times in the All-Star Game. Mike Christian, North Dickinson, has coached in the All-Star Game five times, amd Mike Berutti, West Iron County, is back for his second year in a row. The Red Team definitely has the advantage in experience at the All-Star Game, so we will see how that plays out throughout the week.

The first practice is always about getting the players into the positions where they can benefit the team best. The All-Star Game provides many opportunities for players to get experience in different positions they have not tried before. With the small size of most U.P. high school rosters, the best players often play positions where they are needed most, and do not get a chance to experience other positions they might be more suited to play. With so many great players all on the same team, the coaches are able to move players around to accentuate their strengths, so it is fun to watch the players thrive at multiple positions.

Both teams spent time evaluating the talents of each player as they worked through the drills and formations. The players started to immediately develop some chemistry with each repetition and play. It was easy to see why these players were selected as the best in the U.P., because it did not take them long to settle in to a practice routine and begin looking like a football team. Both teams spent time in their individual position groups, as well as scrimmaging offense vs defense as an entire unit. Spirits were definitely soaring when the groups came together and guys got a chance to finally hit each other, after so many months out of pads.

It is hard to tell at this point which team has an advantage. Both teams are working hard to figure out their personnel and where each player can help the team in the best way. We will have to see how the week progresses, but both teams look to be very focused on their own game plans. Each team has players with unique strengths, and the coaches are developing ways to get the most out of every player and create the most advantageous match-ups.

The biggest impact on the draft, the game plan, and the overall atmosphere of the game is definitely the addition of “motion” to the offense. Allowing an offensive player to go in motion will certainly open up the game, and make it significantly more difficult for the defense. We should see much more creative play-calling, and scoring, in this year’s game on Saturday.

Day 2 (Tuesday) will see everyone settle in to a regular routine of two practices, along with Media Day in the evening. Team and individual pictures will be taken and players will be available for interviews to any attending media. Players and coaches will be available for interviews at 6:45PM at the Dome.

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The 12th Annual U.P. All-Star Game returns to the Superior Dome this Saturday, June 29th. The best senior high school football players in the U.P. meet one final time to strap on the pads and showcase their skills. Great Lakes Radio is your home for the 12th Annual U.P. All-Star football game. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau will bring you all the action on 103.3 WFXD and 92.7 WRPP. The Elder Agency pregame show begins at 12:30 and kick off is at 1pm. The 12th Annual U.P. All-Star Football game on 103.3 WFXD and 92.7 WRPP


All-Star Game Announces Schedule, Teams

MARQUETTE, MI – The U.P. Football All-Star Game has finalized the schedule and players for this year’s event. 2019 marks the 12th anniversary of the U.P. summer football classic. This year, the players selected as all-stars were again drafted by the coaches, just like NFL fantasy football leagues and are either on the Red Team or the Black Team. What started as novelty for the 10th anniversary, the draft was very well-received and the coaches wished to have the draft this year as well. The draft was held in March at Buffalo Wild Wings in Marquette.

The draft took place on Saturday, March 16th at Buffalo Wild Wings in Marquette and was a very spirited event for everyone in attendance, coaches, players and media. The picks were also reported live on social media for all who want to follow the progress. The coaches from both teams were in attendance and did extensive research of all players, so they could put together the best team possible that fits their offensive and defensive schemes. Having the players “mixed” by the draft means not only will players be competing against traditional rivals from other schools, they might also be competing against players from their own school.

The game will be played in Marquette at the Superior Dome, on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Game time is set for 1 PM, with the doors opening at noon. Many activities are planned throughout the week for the players and coaches.

Monday, June 24, the players and coaches check in at Meyland/Magers Hall on NMU campus, and there will be a food drive for the St. Vincent de Paul House food pantry at the check-in location from 10 AM-Noon.

Tuesday evening, June 25, will be the team and individual pictures, as well as media day. Players and coaches will be available for interviews from any media that are present.

Wednesday afternoon, June 26, will be the Players Skills Challenge. The players will compete for the titles of Fastest Man, Strongest Man, Receiver, Quarterback Challenge, Kicking and Punting Challenges.

Thursday, June 27, the players and coaches will be visiting Bay Cliff Health Camp, which has become one of the signature events of All-Star Week. Bay Cliff is a summer camp for children with physical disabilities and the all-star players will spend time with the campers, showing them football drills, and finishing the day by having dinner with the Bay Cliff campers and staff. After dinner, the players join the campers in their traditional flag lowering ceremony at the central square, which ends each day at Bay Cliff and is very special to be a part of.

Friday evening, June 28, is the All-Star Banquet. The banquet provides family and friends a chance to connect with the All-Star players after a long week of practice and activities. It is formal for the players, and they must take turns standing in front of everyone, introducing their roommate for the week, and telling everyone some things about their roommate. Players also get recognized for their accomplishments during the Skills Challenge and receive their All-Star Rings. The guest speaker will be Jeff Olson, who just finished his last season at Ishpeming, where he brought the Hematites several State Championships over his tenure. It is sure to be an emotionally charged evening for everyone in attendance.

The U.P. Football All-Star Game will also be donating proceeds to the following U.P. charities: Beacon House, The U.P. Sports Hall of Fame, as well as Brimley, Negaunee and North Dickinson High Schools. A lottery drawing was performed to select the two schools, and donations will be made directly to the football program of those schools chosen. Each year, new schools will be chosen until all U.P. schools have received benefits from the game. Several other schools (Sault Ste Marie, Brimley, Manistique and Westwood) will also receive donations in the form of All-Star Game equipment, including the practice jerseys and footballs.

First Last School
Kyle Anderson Menominee
Tyler Beauchamp Kingsford
Ashton Bergman Westwood
Andrew Blanchard Engadine
Bryce Brazeau Marquette
Collin Broemer Gogebic
Alex Cannoot Marquette
Eddy Chapman Gwinn
Brandon Christensen Newberry
Christian Creten Gladstone
Brendin Cryderman Sault
Reid DeLaurelle Stephenson
Chase Fisher Cedarville
Cole Galeazzi Kingsford
Sam Gilles Westwood
Montell Glover Stephenson
Blake Hewitt Westwood
Hal Hoenig Forest Park
Justin Hood Iron Mountain
Tate Kay Sault
Brent Lundquist Rapid River
Hayden Mann Westwood
Brandon Martens Norway
Ethan Martysz Marquette
Lenny Menary Rapid River
Sam Orth Rapid River
Gregory Paquin St. Ignace
Caden Pellizzer West Iron County
Jacob Peterson Forest Park
Eddy Polakowski Ontonagon
Mason Schieding Munising
Willy Schmitt Bark River-Harris
Drake Sundberg Ishpeming
Gavin Sundberg Ishpeming
Luke Terrian Kingsford
Matthew Trawick Ishpeming
Brayden Velmer Negaunee
Philip Voss Ontonagon
Reese Waara L’Anse
Caleb Walters North Central
Chase Warner Pickford
Alex Zampese Negaunee
Max Zeeryp Rudyard
Scott Syrjala Westwood
Brad Wiljanen Westwood
Chad Hewitt Westwood
Jake Wolf Westwood
Scott Mann Westwood
Jeff Olson Ishpeming
George Niemi Ishpeming
Kyle Rundman Ishpeming

First Last School
Seth Aho Gwinn
Peyton Anderson Negaunee
Nathan Beckman Westwood
Matthew Bruette North Dickinson
Christer Carne Escanaba
Brady Eichmeier North Central
Roubens Fink Superior Central
Charlie Gerhard Iron Mountain
Doby Gillis Gladstone
Noah Groulx Superior Central
Dalton Hanchek North Central
Trevor Hendrickson Calumet
Vince Hughes Gladstone
Josh Iwanicki Marquette
Craig Kamin Escanaba
Kellen Klein Lake Linden-Hubbell
Logan Kruhlik Ishpeming
Gunnar Larson Rapid River
Mitchell LeGrave Norway
Hunter Lipponen Brimley
Brent Loukus Calumet
Andrew Mann Kingsford
Dan Martin Gladstone
Jarron Masuga Cedarville
Anthony Mattson Munising
Jonah Miller Engadine
Devon Nyman Ishpeming
Matt Ojala Calumet
Travis Ojala Calumet
Nathan Olson Rapid River
Trevor Povolo Kingsford
Zachary Powell Norway
Devin Racicot Bark River-Harris
Beau Rondeau Superior Central
Cayne Rowell West Iron County
Shawn Sandahl Menominee
Brody Sanville Gladstone
Bryant Schram West Iron County
Hunter Smith Ishpeming
Tucker Taylor Gwinn
Noah Tourangeau Escanaba
Parker Wilson Gogebic
Beau Zorza Marquette
Cody Kangas Manistique
Garde Kangas Pickford
Tyler Kangas Manistique
Todd Kangas Manistique
Paul Jacobson Negaunee
Mike Christian North Dickinson
Mike Berutti West Iron County


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