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Bruce Returns to The Drivin’ Home Show to Talk About His Personal Accomplishment at Blackfly CrossFit

Daniel Young, owner at Black Fly CrossFit and Bruce Whitehead in the Sunny.FM 101.9 studio.
Daniel Young, owner at Blackfly CrossFit and Bruce Whitehead in the Sunny.FM 101.9 studio.

Marquette, MI   –   April 15, 2019   –   Many of you have followed my journey at Blackfly CrossFit on Sunny FM as I’ve provided weekly updates with Mark Evans on his Driving Home Show. Over the last few months we covered my progress growing mentally, physically, and learning to feed my body the proper nutrients that it needs to perform well and stay healthy.

Like most people, I’m just an average guy looking to improve upon my health. Although I used to be very active in sports, when I met Daniel Young (Owner of Blackfly CrossFit) I was fairly stagnant on physical activity outside of walking my dogs and taking periodic hikes & bike rides. I realized that I needed more day-to-day activity in my life, but I really didn’t know what was right for me, how to start, how to set goals, and maintain a daily fitness routine. That all changed when I met Dan! He provided the advice and guidance I needed to set goals for myself and gave me the boost in confidence necessary to start working on the health and fitness goals that I was excited to achieve!

Like many of you may be, I was nervous to get started. I didn’t know a lot about CrossFit and thought that it was only for the Elite Athletes and Ninja Warriors of the world. I soon found out that the majority of people at the gym were JUST LIKE ME! It only took one workout to see that I had joined more than a gym, I joined a support system of people who have goals very similar to mine! Members at Blackfly CrossFit include a diverse group of men and women, young and old, of all body types and fitness levels and I fit right in!

Blackfly CrossFit is located at 1202 Wright Street in Marquette, MI
Blackfly CrossFit is located at 1202 Wright Street in Marquette, MI

I’ve now been a member at Blackfly for almost exactly 6 months and I’ve come a long way since I started. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds, gained some flexibility, and added a little muscle. More importantly I now sleep better, have more energy, get less fatigued, have better posture, and more confidence in myself! The results are even better than I could have hoped for, as a result of better health and fitness I am more productive at work and able to participate in more activities after work. You wouldn’t think so, but by adding a daily fitness routine, it actually gives me extra energy to work on other personal goals and projects at home, a priceless increase in productivity to accomplish other ambitions in my life!

Dan has also helped a ton to work on my nutrition and the foods that I eat and there’s no doubt that I can see and feel a difference. I now choose better foods to eat and times to eat meals. As a result, my body is healthier and less susceptible to colds and sickness and I haven’t felt under the weather at all since I’ve started!

Outside of a general improvement to my health and fitness, I recently accomplished a fitness goal at the gym where I even surprised myself. Check out the video below of my first rope climb! This is something that I didn’t expect to be capable of at this point, but one of the trainers at Blackfly looked at me and said “you can do this, I know you can” and I realized that half the battle was mental. So, we spent a minute on technique and I jumped on the rope. To my surprise, it wasn’t long until I found myself ten feet off the floor and half way to the ceiling. Before I knew it I was at the top of the rope, touching the ceiling and preparing to repel back down the rope!

I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and leadership at Blackfly CrossFit. This my friends is why you should trust Dan and his trainers at Blackfly and make the decision today to give CrossFit a try!

Listen to Mark interview Bruce Whitehead about his success training at Blackfly CrossFit of Marquette

Check out the video of Bruce climbing the rope:


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