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One For You Packer Fans To Debate


Marquette, MI 04/25/2019

As a Wisconsin native, I’m burdened with the challenges of being a Green Bay Packer fan.  There are days I like it, and like most football fans there are days that I lament that fact.

I survived the David Whitehurst, Lynn Dickey, Randy Wright eras of total futility coached by former great players Bart Starr and Forest Gregg – who couldn’t coach.  I watched in HORROR – then joy the efforts of an evolving Hall of Fame QB in Brett Favre, only to have him turn on all of us and wind up in Minnesota.  Why the organization retired his number in Green Bay is still a mystery to me – should have given #4 to the newest punter.

(The greatest moment of my life was his interception in the NFC Championship game at New Orleans)

So, I’ve been through and seen pretty much everything.

Through it all has been one constant:  The Packer Helmet

But, as time moves forward – things change.  There’s a push within the NFL nowadays for modernized looks and to update things for the next generation.

Am curious your thoughts on these two proposals.


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