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Congressman Dan Benishek Discusses Obama Gun Proposals

U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek and News Director Walt Lindala

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek called in to The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to share his perspectives on the plan offered up by President Barack Obama recently to address guns and gun violence in America.

Congressman Benishek, a Republican, chided the Democrat President’s plan,  saying law-abiding gun owners in Northern Michigan cannot allow their Constitutional rights to be eroded to achieve a false sense of security.

Benishek said he believes we need to have a national  conversation about violence and our society’s values.  He also feels that, as a doctor, the state of mental health care in this country needs closer scrutiny and review.

He added he does not think the President’s plan to take guns out of the hands of responsible people is the answer.  He feels that people determined to commit a crime using a gun will not be deterred by more laws.

LISTEN – Congressman Benishek on gun control legislation.

VISIT – Congressman Benishek’s website.  


  1. The President does not plan “…to take guns out of the hands of responsible people.” Has Congressman Dr. Benishek read “The President’s Plan to Protect our Children and our Communities by Reducing Gun Violence?” I have read this document in its entirety and there is not one word about taking gun ownership from responsible people, not one. In my opinion, it appears Congressman Benishek is being spoon fed by the NRA who contributed $9,900 to his recent campaign. (See Pro Publica)

    As a wife and mother residing in the First Congressional District, I am deeply disappointed Congressman Benishek fails to realize he was elected to represent us in our District, not the powerful gun lobby.


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