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“DRAIN” A New Documentary On Great Lakes Water Levels In Production

John Trefrey & Scott Kusmerik.
John Trefrey & Scott Kusmerik.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – “DRAIN” is a feature-length documentary exploring the threats facing one of America’s most precious natural resources, the Great Lakes.

The film’s director, John Trefry, and one of the film’s co-producers, Scott Kusmerik, joined The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike this morning to talk about the films and the promotional push behind it to get people involved.

Trefry said the Great Lakes contain over 20% of the world’s freshwater and last year lake levels reached historical lows.

DRAIN is a documentary in search of a solution.

Kusmerik talked about his role in getting film made and promoted through special musical events and projects he is coordinating with colleagues from the music world.

They explained that you can also take part to help make it happen for DRAIN – Who Pulled the Plug on the Great Lakes? and the team through their website.

LISTEN IN – For more on the film “DRAIN” with John Trefrey and Scott Kusmerik.

VISIT – The “DRAIN” film website for more info.


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