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UPHP Update: Appropriate Antibiotic Usage

Rachel Riley

Marquette, MI -(Great Lakes Radio) – On the latest Upper Peninsula Health Plan update, we heard from Rachel Riley, Provider Resource Services Advisor under Upper Peninsula Health Group.

Riley explained that UPHP and UPHG are currently working together on the SmartRx Campaign to assist providers in educating patients on appropriate antibiotic use as antibiotics are not indicated for viruses.

She also talked about the differences between a viral infection and a bacterial infection and shared some good tips on staying healthy during this cold and flu season.

Riley said that the two groups are providing materials to practices to assist in staying healthy and to help if someone becomes sick with a viral infection.

They include informational posters for waiting rooms/lobbies and Cold Kits that consist of tissues, lip balm, thermometers, and hand sanitizer as an alternative treatments.

Riley added that for more information about appropriate antibiotic use go to www.cdc.gov/antibiotic-use/ or visit the UPHP Facebook and Twitter pages.


LISTEN IN – Rachel Riley with more about appropriate antibiotic use.

VISIT – The Upper Peninsula Health Plan website.


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