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Going Pro With A Career In Welding And Fabricating

Going PRO in Michigan by working in the professional trades.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio) – Michigan has launched a new campaign called Going PRO to help employers in the U.P. and across the state fill more over 811,000 jobs in multiple fields.

The jobs are available in information technology and computer science, healthcare, manufacturing, and other business and professional trades fields, and military veterans represent a good solution to that problem.

In our latest Going Pro interview, we hear from Ryan Deau, who is a welder at Systems Control in Iron Mountain.

Deau talked about what type of training helped him secure his job as a panel welder at the company and what led him to choose welding and fabricating as a career.

He also talked about what is the best part of his job at Systems Control, and shared some advice for anyone thinking about entering a Professional Trades career in welding.

LISTEN IN – Ryan Deau discusses his career as a welder at Systems Control.

For more about Michigan’s Going Pro campaign visit www.going-pro.com.


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