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Active Physical Therapy Encourages Smart Snow Shoveling

Casey Madigan

Marquette, MI – (12/10/19) – On our latest Active Physical Therapy Update, we heard from Casey Madigan about some good techniques to use to reduce your risk for injuries or falls when shoveling snow this winter.

Madigan, a Physical Therapist in Active’s Marquette office, talked about how you should be shoveling, how to make sure you don’t overextend yourself and hurt yourself and how to reduce your fall risk.

He also explained how physical therapy can help out with strengthening your core and other muscle areas to reduce injuries from snow shoveling, and how it can also help with recovery if you do injure yourself.

LISTEN – Casey Madigan with Active Physical Therapy with how to shovel safely this winter.

VISIT – The Active Physical Therapy website. 


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