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Meet Lettie, the Tri-Pawd Dog!

Lettie as a puppy
Lettie as a puppy

Negaunee, MichiganMay 9, 2019 – My sister’s poor dog, Lettie, is now a “tri-pawd” puppy!

She was hit by a car a couple of months ago – don’t worry, she’s okay – which has resulted in this new status. When she was hit, she lost all feeling in her right front leg from the wrist down. It’s a sad situation, but she’s been adjusting quite well. We kept the paw attached these last couple of months to see if she regained feeling, as the vet said that does happen sometimes.

A younger Lettie before the accident
A younger Lettie before the accident (she had just been scolded after chewing something up)

Unfortunately, it didn’t for Lettie. What happened with her was constant serious infections. Because she couldn’t feel anything, she dragged her paw around everywhere, creating deep lacerations and scrapes on the paw, which then led to terrible infections. We kept it wrapped up in bandages and created a pseudo-straight jacket for her so the paw didn’t drag, but she torn the bandages off constantly with her teeth.

Lettie after the accident
Lettie after the accident

So, the vet said the best thing to do was to remove the leg from the shoulder. She says dogs very quickly adapt to losing a limb, and that she would be much happier and healthier once it was gone. I think so, too. I think it’s made her miserable having it just hang there, unable to utilize it, and not understanding why. It’s heartbreaking!

So, she had surgery yesterday to take the leg off. The vet said she is doing well, and that we get to pick her up today! She’s such a good girl :) Please send good vibes for her speedy recovery!

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