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The Post-Op Cravings Are STRONG

Kelsey Wants A Cheeseburger!

Negaunee, Michigan June 11, 2019 – So I am 13 days post-op today! Meaning, it’s been 13 days since I had my oral surgery (gum graft). If you missed out on finding out about that and what it is, read all about it here.

My mouth is feeling so much better, and I’m actually healing pretty quickly. The bad part?

I STILL can’t eat super solid things. For the first week or so I was on a liquid diet. Think nutrition drinks like Ensure and SlimFast and smoothies. Then I moved on to yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, etc.

Now, I’m in the middle; some softer foods (I had a burrito yesterday – SUCCESS!) and the like.

I am so excited that I’ll be getting my stitches out this Friday, because that means I’ll be able to eat whatever I want!

I have been craving CHEESEBURGERS and CHEWY SPREE CANDY for two weeks, and the worst part is when you can’t have what you crave. UGH.

As soon as I get these stitches out, I’ll be headed to the first burger joint I see, followed up by a gas station stop for candy. YES. I can hardly wait.

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