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How Do NFL Football Players Go to the Bathroom On the Field?


Green Bay, WI  – A few weekends ago I headed down to Green Bay for a family vacation and another Lambeau Field experience.  I have been to quite a few Packer games and being able to watch a game on the Lambeau tundra never gets old.  My Dad has been taking me to a game once each season ever since I was about 10, so my Lambeau Experience tally is around 8-10 games now.

I have always been fascinated with technology so I really enjoy watching all the broadcasters, wires, microphones, cameras, and figuring out how it all works.  The game against the Rams was fun to watch the team on the sidelines from mid-field, about 6 rows up, and see how they interact and just what they do when they are standing there on the sideline.  Being there at the game live, you get to see many more sideline activities that go on that you wouldn’t normally view on TV.

Have you ever wondered how a football player goes to the bathroom when they are standing on the field?  They can’t just leave the stadium right?  I had heard rumors before that people huddle around and the players just stand there and pee.  The rumors are true.  As I said I have been to games before, but I never saw this… Three times during the game I saw players go by the water cart and staff members held up towels while the player relieved himself. You would think at a Pro athlete level, that in your Player’s Contract wouldn’t have to pee directly on the field!

Ram's Player Peeing Behind A Towel
Does he have to do that in front of everyone?




It was another great day at Lambeau Field as I  watched the Packers defeated the Rams 24-3 wearing their Acme Packers throwback jerseys.  It’s a lot better seeing them win, than lose!


  1. I recently started following football with my husband who is a Dallas Cowboys fan and my biggest concern was if they had to go to the bathroom while playing a game how do they do that.he told me that they actually just go in there pants while playing the game I have a hard time believing that.


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