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Blood Shortage Hits Marquette County


MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – A shortage of several types of blood is being reported by the Upper Peninsula Regional Blood Center in Marquette. According to a release from Marquette General Health Systems, the Blood Center is in critical need of AB-positive, AB-negative and O-positive types of blood.

Sallie Coron, Coordinator of Blood Collections at the Blood Center, spoke with Sunny 101.9′s Mark and Walt in the Morning today to get the word out about this need. According to Coron, this type of shortage is very typical for this time of year as people get wrapped up in summer recreation and travel as well as other seasonal projects and they forget to give blood.

Coron listed the personal criteria for someone to give blood as well as the hours of operation at the Blood Center office in Marquette and how folks can get in to give. The first step would be to call 225-4610 to set up an appointment. She even promised cookies and juice for those who step up and give a pint.

To listen to the interview with Sallie Coron, please click below.

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