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Football Night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM – Negaunee Miners (36) VS Manistique Emeralds (30) 8/30/2013

Carl Johnson--your NEW voice for the Negaunee Miners on Sunny.FM during Football Night in Negaunee
Carl Johnson–your NEW voice for the Negaunee Miners on Sunny.FM during Football Night in Negaunee

8/30/2013 Negaunee, Michigan — It’s Football Night in Negaunee on Sunny.FM! The VERY first game of the 2013 was on Sunny.FM. Carl Leander Johnson brought you all the action from the Negaunee Football Field ONLY on Sunny.FM. Carl Johnson is the brother of Wayne R. Johnson, the former voice of Negaunee Miners Sports on Sunny.FM! Carl’s happy to be behind the mic, is VERY passionate about Negaunee Sports, and is a Negaunee Native.

Early in the first quarter the Negaunee Miners on Sunny.FM were scoreless with the Manistique Emeralds 0-0 with 7:50 left to play in the first quarter. The Negaunee Miners then turn things around and had a 50-yard-touchdown to lead the Manistique Emeralds. The touchdown was scored by the Negaunee Miners very own Tyler LaJoie. This was a gigantic play by the Negaunee Miners on Sunny.FM! The Negaunee Miners led the Manistique Emeralds 8-0 after the 50-yard-touchdown. The Negaunee Miners on Football Night in Negaunee led the Manistique Emeralds 14-8 near the end of the first quarter. The Negaunee Miners scored another touchdown by Tyler LaJoie and led the Manistique Emeralds at the end of the first quarter, 16-8.

At the end of the first quarter:
Negaunee Miners: 16
Manistique Emeralds: 8

It’s Football Night in Negaunee and the Negaunee Miners were ready for second quarter action on Sunny.FM!  The Miners maintained their lead 16-8 in the early part of the second quarter.  First touch down of the second quarter scored by Zane Radloff of Negaunee making it 24-8 Negaunee leading.  Manistique gave  it back with a touchdown by Tyler Kangas, making it 24-16 with Negaunee still in the lead and the Emeralds just a touchdown away as they headed into the half-time break on Sunny.FM.

At the end of the first half:
Negaunee Miners: 24
Manistique Emeralds: 16

During Friday Football Night in Negaunee the Miners started the third quarter with a touch down early on bringing the score to 30-16 with the Miners widening their lead.  Miners started off the second half of the game with good coverage pushing the Manistique Emeralds way back and maintained their lead halfway into the third quarter. Manistique hung in there scoring a touch down and brought the score to 30-24 Negaunee still in the lead.  Then with 2 minutes left, bad break for Negaunee as Manistique scored another touch down and tied up the score at the end of the third quarter at 30-30!

At the end of the third quarter:
Negaunee: 30
Manistique: 30

Top of the fourth quarter during Football Night in Negaunee, on Sunny.FM the Miners scored a touchdown early on which put them back in the lead at 36-30 against the Manistique Emeralds.  Manistique played hard keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, however, even with a big penalty on Negaunee in the middle of the fourth quarter and injuries on both sides they weren’t able to come back.   After Manistique player Zack Schnurer sustained a substantial injury and was pulled from the game with 1 minute left there wasn’t much left to say… Negaunee held their lead and won the first game of the year with an exciting final score of 36-30! Thank you for checking in with us here at Sunny.FM!

End of game Final Score:Negaunee: 36
Manistique: 30

Join us next Friday, September 6th when the Miners play against the Calumet Copper Kings–brought to you live from Negaunee here on Sunny.FM.  Carl Johnson will bring you all the action at 6:30 pm with pre-game, kick-off at 7pm, here on Sunny.FM for football night in Negaunee!

LISTEN – Negaunee Miners Football VS Manistique Emeralds – Negaunee wins 36-30 over the Manistique Emeralds on Sunny.FM Friday August 30 2013.mp3


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