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3 Month Membership at Anytime Fitness


Hi there everyone!  If you are like me you are ready to get back in that shape you wanted to be in BEFORE bathing suit season.   It may be a little cold now, but you can never tell with Marquette and Lake Superior.  Who knows, we may have another month of beach weather.  That’s why here at Great Lakes Radio we want you to have the best tools for success with this 3 month membership at Anytime Fitness in Harvey, MI. The world’s largest 24 hour fitness center chain will help you achieve your fitness goals at your convenience.The facility provides cardio equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines, and strength training equipment including free weights, racks, circuit/selectorized and plate loaded machines. The facility also provides personal training, tanning, classes, private shower rooms, wellness programs and more!  Normally valued at over $180, if you call today and mention the Deal of the Day I will give it to you for over %50 off at $90 dollars.  After today we will return the price to its normal $100, so hurry in and don’t wait!

Thanks for reading and happy 24 hour workouts!




for limited time, while supplies last


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