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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: $25 Dis n’ Dat Certificates at 20% Off


Marquette, MI  –  October 22, 2018  –  Dis n’ Dat owner Shannon Gratehouse is inviting you to stop into her new store in downtown Gwinn! You can check out all of the handmade items and general used secondhand products in the store.

Shop at Dis n' Dat in Downtown Gwinn!
Shop at Dis n’ Dat in Downtown Gwinn!

Save 20% on your trip to Dis n’ Dat with our $25 store certificate. Discounted to just $20 bucks, you can use up to four of these certificates at a time giving you $100 to send for only $80! Stop by Dis N Dat in the old Sav-On building across from Gwinn High School.

To purchase your certificates, visit UPBargains.com and order online. Once you’ve finished paying using our secure online store, swing by the office to pick up your certificates or have them mailed right to your door. You can also order by giving us a call at 227-7777!

Dis n’ Dat is a new store, so help Shannon out by following the Dis n’ Dat Facebook Page!

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