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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: Venice Pub & Pizzeria $25 Menu Certificate for ONLY $15!!!

Happy Grilled Cheese Day! Get yourself a grilled cheese sandwich on homemade bread or the always exemplary pizza from the Venice Pub & Pizzeria! $25 menu certificates for only $15 at UPBargains.com!

Marquette, MIApril 12, 2019 – Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!!! Have I got a deal for you to celebrate! Everyone knows the Venice Pub & Pizzeria has some of the best pizza around, but did you know they make their own bread and meatballs? They have a killer grilled cheese sandwich made on that homemade bread that will fill you right up!

Established in 1933, the Venice Pub & Pizzeria knows what they’re doing so whether you’re in the mood for a yummy pizza or celebrating Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day you can’t go wrong getting a $25 certificate from UPBargains.com for only $15 and going and getting a bite to eat!

Buy your Venice Pub & Pizzeria $25 menu certificates for only $15 at UPBargains.com.  Pay with PayPal and I’ll mail your certificates to you.  Don’t want to wait? Call me at 228-6800 and reserve your certificate and then come pick it up at our offices at Great Lakes Radio any weekday between 9am-5pm.



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