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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: Get a Wendy’s Combo or Salad for ONLY $5!!

Get any combo or salad from Wendy’s for only $5 with a certificate from UPBargains.com!

Marquette, MIMarch 23, 2020Wendy’s drive-thru is open and ready to serve you the same delicious yummy goodness they always do! Eating your emotions? Go with a combo, a nice juicy burger with cheese and all the goodies on it.  Want to boost your immune system? Go with a salad.  They’re huge! Good luck eating an entire one in a sitting.

At UPBargains.com, we have certificates good for any combo or salad at Wendy’s in Marquette for only $5! If you order online at UPBargains.com, you’ll pay with PayPal and I’ll mail the certificate to you.  You can also order over the phone by calling 228-6800 weekdays between 9am and 5pm and paying with your credit card.  I can then either mail your certificates to you or slip them thru the door when you’re here as our office at mediaBrew Communications is currently closed due to COVID-19.


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