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UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: $20 Certificate for Teal Lake Pizzeria ONLY $12!!!

Save at Teal Lake Pizzeria with a certificate from UPBargains.com!

Marquette, MISeptember 18, 2020 – I’m well overdue for a trip to the west end to get myself some Teal Lake Pizzeria! I’ve never had anything I didn’t like, so do I get my Gochujang Wrap or the Dilly Pizza or try something new? I know I’ll get me a milkshake, but you’ll never see it, because I always suck them down before I get home and get a picture, so you’ll just have to get your own to try it. I’m partial to the Muddy Monkey.

With a $20 certificate for Teal Lake Pizzeria for only $12 at UPBargains.com, whatever I decide, I’ll save money doing it! If you order online at UPBargains.com, you’ll pay with PayPal and I’ll mail your certificates to you. You can also stop at our office at mediaBrew Communications next to Super One Foods in Marquette to pick one up with cash or a card.


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