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Keeping Up With Kelsey: The Importance of Teaching Gratitude

Marquette, Michigan - September 20, 2018 - "Kids these days are so entitled!" This, a phrase we all hear relentlessly on a frequent basis....

Wishing You a Warm and Blessed Christmas

Christmas Day has dawned. The family has gathered, there are presents under the tree. The air is filled with the excitement of the children...

The Process Of Fishing Teaches The Process of Accomplishment

Marquette  -  July 24, 2011  -  Successful fishing teaches one how to be successful in most any activity or endeavor. Growth is not an event, but a process.  So here’s how you catch the big one… Decide which lake to fish on. Acquire bait. Research at the bait shop if they are biting by jigging, [...]

Reducing Stress at Work or Home. Some days just SUCK!

Marquette, Michigan -Some days just SUCK!!Tight deadlines at work, kids at home not acting their age and ignoring their classwork; co-workers bringing you in on their...