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MTU Picking Up Boulders in Marquette County Tomorrow


MTU gathering boulders for garden tomorrow

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Michigan Tech is picking up several boulders at three sites in Marquette County tomorrow.

On Friday, they will be installed in the new Mining Boulder Garden, which will be located near the large boulder garden in the center of campus. The first boulder pickup will be at 9 a.m. from the impact of the Sudbury meteor 2 billion years ago on County Road 510, near the Dead River Bridge and the McClure reservoir.

The second pickup will be of 8 or 9 iron ore boulders from the Tilden Mine at 11 a.m.

The third pickup will be of three boulders from the Cliffs Natural Resources Lab in Ishpeming around 2:30 p.m.

The boulders will be placed at Mining Boulder Garden site at Michigan Tech Friday morning at 9:00. MTU Officials say the new Mining Boulder Garden will highlight the U.P.’s mining heritage and Michigan Technological University’s role in the mining industry and comes at a time when interest in mining in the area is on the rise and Michigan Tech is reviving its mining degree program.

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