MI-VetSuccess Service for Veterans at NMU

    MI-VetSuccess program at NMU
    Michigan Veterans Affairs Senior Deputy Director Jason Allen signs agreement with Northern Michigan University President David Haynes establishing MI-VetSuccess veteran outreach program office on campus.

    MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)The Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs has entered into an agreement with Northern Michigan University to establish the Marquette campus as a base for a new campus outreach service for veterans.

    The program, called MI-VetSuccess, is a pilot program supporting student veterans. The initial program will reach out to almost 800 students who have recently served in the military and are now enrolled at Upper Michigan universities and community colleges.

    The program establishes six regions across the state, with one college or university in each region designated as the hub from which a designated Campus Counselor operates.

    Northern Michigan University was selected to pilot the program because of the commitment of President David Haynes and his staff supporting outreach services to veterans at campuses across the U.P.

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