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Snyder Signs Bill Allowing Wolf Season in Michigan


Casperson signs bill allowing wolf season in MichiganMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)Legislation establishing a hunting season for wolves in Michigan has been signed into law in Lansing.

State Senator Tom Casperson sponsored Senate Bill 1350, which designates wolves as a game animal and authorizes the Natural Resources Commission to established a season. Casperson says wolves need to be managed along with other species, and management strategies should include the option of a game season.

The hunt can legally be considered because wolves were removed from the endangered species list for the Great Lakes region at the beginning of the year. The move places wolf management under jurisdiction of the state of Michigan.

Other states, including Wisconsin and Minnesota, have already established game seasons for wolves with their hunts occurring this fall.

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  1. Actually that should be “Governor Snyder signs bill into law”. Senator Casperson hasn’t achieved that goal yet, nor the concomitant perks like being able to sign bills into law.

    Even if it seems like it sometimes.


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