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$4,000 Raised For Marquette Care Clinic from Smile.FM Rush Of Fools Concert

Could any more cars possibly be parked at the Cross Roads Marquette

–  August 20, 2012– It was called the Make a Difference Tour featuring the International recording artist band Rush Of Fools. The tour covered 6 cities in Michigan and started in Marquette Monday.

The parking lot at Lake Superior Christian church (L.S.C.C.) was jammed full of cars and trucks from across the U.P. for the Monday evening concert.

L.S.C.C. Worship pastor Josh Dickie said this was  a major event for the church and L.S.C.C was excited to be chosen as the site of this fund raiser for the Care Clinic of Marquette.

Sunny 101.9 WKQS FM joined SmileFM cooperated to promote this fund raiser. The joining of these two stations to promote this event helped create the largest concert turn out for the Rush of Fools Michigan tour.

Jeffrey was excited to be involved in this tour!

The day began at Jeffrey’s Restaurant where two broadcast teams and the band had breakfast at Jeffrey’s, and met people from the Marquette community.
Jeffrey was very pleased with the turn out and his involvement with the fund raiser.

In Marquette a free will offering of $4,000 went to help fund the Marquette Care Clinic, which is located on 3rd Street right next to Planned Parenthood.

This Christian based organization promotes Choose Life, and helps pregnant women make an informed choice about life and what that means. The facility is located on 3rd street of Marquette. The Care Clinic understands that sometimes pregnant women need a place to process everything, to think through all of their options, to feel safe to share what’s on their mind. The Care Clinic Staff provides the information and tools needed to make an informed decision.

This show and service was the most exciting the Marquette community has seen for a long time
The feeling was electric as some 600 people participated in the service
There was standing room only and several listened in the over flow lobby area because there were NO seats left


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