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Save The Wild U.P. Organization Might Have Mis-Caluculated The 595 Victory


IshpemingJanuary 11, 2013 – Save the Wild U.P. claims a big victory for Upper Peninsula residents by having the new 595 road project close down. Here’s the news release on their perspective. Here is the story.

But every coin has two sides.  What might the real story be of whom actually won?

The following is a flip side of the coin view from Dan Adamini  URL : http://intherightmind.net    E-mail : djadamini@aol.com    Dan is on the radio live Saturday mornings at 10am on Sunny101.9fm.

You can share your views by calling Dan Saturday at 10am at 906-227-7777

———————— The Real Story of who won 595 ———————–

Yes, Save the Wild U.P. (STWUP) can claim victory, but not over the mine, or Rio Tinto…it is a victory over the citizens & workers of central & western Upper Michigan.

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

The route is longer, requiring more gas which these people supposedly think is bad.

The route negatively impacts people along the approved route, but these folks don’t consider people a factor apparently.

The route is actually going to cost Rio Tinto LESS money.

Remember, the mine did not want this as much as the surrounding communities wanted it… But the company, being a good citizen was willing to spend its own money to help build a road the county will eventually build anyway -albeit far in the future now.

So the STWUPs have saved money ($40 million) for RIO TINTO, created a nightmare for drivers using county road 550, Wright Street, and US 41 from Marquette to Humboldt, and will create more gas emissions than would have been created on 595… and they feel GOOD about that?

I guess that makes as much sense as any of their arguments did!


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