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Dewey Bunnell of America Loves the Northwoods and Reveals His Favorite America Song The Workday Wind Down


Marquette,Mi.April 5, 2018

Dewey and Gerry celebrate their star on the Hollywood Walk of fame with friends Billy Bob Thornton and John Stamos

The appeal of the group America is in the harmony, the simplicity, and the honesty of their songs.

Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek formed the group when they were young guys just starting out in the late 60’s and by 1972 they were named Best New Artist and took home a Grammy!

Collectively they penned the lyrics, created the melodies, and sang their hearts out! When Dan made the decision to leave the group and take a different direction, Dewey and Gerry forged on and continued to churn out hit after hit.

Dewey and I spoke about their beginnings, the impact Dan’s departure had on their friendship, the meanings behind a few of his favorite songs and why it’s even more meaningful today.

Reserve your seats for America by going to The Island Resort and Casino website. America will perform Friday and Saturday night at the Casino. In the meantime, listen to our conversation and learn more about one of the most popular bands of our time and what they’re planning for the future.

As always tune into the Workday Wind Down weekdays from 3-7 on Sunny FM.


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