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Sing It U.P. The Workday Wind Down 3-7 Monday – Friday


Marquette, Mi.April 19,2018

Alex B. MC for Sing It U.P. at the Up North Lodge this Saturday at 9

How has your singing voice been described? Do you sing tenor? Ten or twelve miles from here. Or do you solo? So low nobody can hear you?

How about your daddy? Did he sing bass…. leaving your mama to wonder what she was going to make for dinner?

If you love to sing( never mind how well you sing…) just do it! Everyone has a song, or knows a song, or is a song…so sing!

Public speaking is listed as the number one fear of most people, so I’m guessing public singing could be equally terrifying. When I first dared to sing in public I closed my eyes. I literally couldn’t bear to see the faces of people in the audience! Or worse, open my eyes and see nobody in the audience!! Singers face countless fears both real and imagined… and do it anyway.

This Saturday Alex B. will host the Sing It U.P. competition at the Up North Lodge. There are now only ten contestants left and just a few of those will move on to the final competition.

Plan to support local singers in our area by showing up for the show at 9 p.m. on Saturday. Chances are you’ll have as much fun, or more fun, than the performers!

If you happen to see one them on stage with their eyes closed, offer a little extra encouragement from the floor. Or let them borrow your sunglasses….for the cool factor.


Sing along with me during the Workday Wind Down every Monday through Friday from 3-7



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