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Shopping Show..More Than a Show! The Workday Wind Down Sunny FM


Marquette,Mi.April 25,2018

Carrie Miller and Walt Lindala on the Shopping Show

The Shopping Show is as fun to watch as it is to listen too! I decided to sit in with Walt and Todd as they engaged in verbal ping pong while offering savings to the entire listening community. It was truly hilarious behind the scenes.

It’s busy.

There are phones ringing, guests coming in, people stopping by for shopping show certificates and spending a little time with Nancy at the front desk, and technical duties to attend to…..All of this is happening at the same time that the Colonel and Major banter about.

If I didn’t know better I would say Todd and Walt sound like a couple of buddies having a good laugh over a cup of coffee on a dock somewhere. …which reminds me Kris from the Ore Dock was in to tell us about Lindsey Lou coming to do a show April 30 at 7 at the Ore Dock. Save now on your tickets for the performance!

Oh and Hello to Carrie Miller of Sunny Daze Tanning! She popped in to talk about the benefits of tanning, not only for cosmetic reasons but for better health!

Major Discount and Colonel Lindala were entertaining, the guests were great, and the savings spectacular! Tune in to the Shopping Show every Wednesday from 9-11. Until the next time go to upbargains.com and save some more on the things you want and need!


The Workday Wind Down on Sunny FM


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