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Keeping Up With Kelsey: Thursday Mayhem With Wally & The Silver Badger – Who Will Be the Winner?

Wally & the Silver Badger NFL Picks
Wally & the Silver Badger NFL Picks

Our bout of Thursday Mayhem is BACK tomorrow, September 13th as “Wally” AKA Walt Lindala & “The Silver Badger” AKA Bill Tibor face off on-air during The Sunny Morning Show on Sunny.FM 101.9!

Around 9AM, the guys and I will bring some sports to the show as they (and I) predict the outcomes of each week’s games.

They have such awesome nicknames for this, too, that I voiced the fact that I never got a cool nickname! They are currently thinking on that…..We’ll see what they come up with on tomorrow’s show (eeek!).

As for the picks, I’ll go with my gut feeling, while the guys will have tediously and painstakingly predict their picks and ….talk….about how and why they decided to pick who they did.

I’m not much of a sports aficionado, but I will do my best to research a bit, ask around, and pick who I think may be the better choice. Walt and I are down 1 against Bill currently. However, you never know how these things play out!

Tune in at 101.9 for some regular season football talk and there is sure to be a laugh or two between the guys and myself!


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