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The Calumet Theater Celebrates Its 120th Anniversary!

The Calumet Theater celebrates it's 120th Anniversary!
The Calumet Theater celebrates it’s 120th Anniversary!

Calumet, MI – The Executive Director of the Calumet Theater, Marlin Lee stopped by The 8th Day to talk about the 120th Anniversary of the theater! The Calumet Theater will celebrate with the release of it’s entire show schedule for the 2020 year along with a live performance and video presentation. Listen to the whole interview below to hear all about the celebration, the theater’s history,  and more!


The Calumet Theater first opened on March 20th, 1900, and is still operating in much of the same way as it did then. The theater will reveal this year’s show schedule on the anniversary, along with a video presentation and a live performance from Erik Koskinen. Erik Koskinen and his band’s music spans from alternative country to blues or to country rock, so if you haven’t heard his music before, check it out!

Though the Calumet Theater often brings in national acts, they also show off talent from closer to home. The Calumet Players are very important to the Calumet Theater and have been performing for about 40 years! This year the Calumet Players will have two shows, one in the spring and one in the fall. The Calumet High School will have a production in December as well! The Theater has everything from theatrics to musical performances of all kinds on a local and national level.

The Calumet Theater brings in talent from local and national levels!
The Calumet Theater brings in talent from local and national levels!

The Calumet Theater was one of the first municipally owned theaters to open in America, and is also a part of the National Parks Service! The Calumet Theater is only one of three theaters to be a part of the National Parks Service, along with Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C and Wolf Trap in Virginia. When the theater first opened in 1900, it began with a touring production of The Highwayman.

Become a theater member for as little as $35 and take part in perks like first grabs at tickets or discounted ticket prices.  You can stop by their box office hours Wednesday through Friday, Noon to 5 pm to purchase tickets or take a tour of the ballroom!  You can also check out their website at calumettheatre.com and Like their Facebook Page.

To check out the upcoming shows they have planned this year, click here.

Comment down below discussing if you have ever watched a show, or performed at the Calumet Theater! What do you think about the theater’s history?


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